Management / Interim Administrators 
Empowered Elders can provide a culture change-trained interim Administrator to Skilled Nursing Facilities and Personal Care Homes on short- and long-term assignments.  Our firm can also provide complete management services to Skilled Nursing and Personal Care facilities including a seasoned, culture change-trained Administrator on a contractual basis.  
Quality Assurance & Performance Improvement
QA and PI combine to form QAPI, a comprehensive approach to ensuring high quality of care.  Effective QAPI programs are critical to improving the quality of life and quality of care and services delivered in nursing homes.  Empowered Elders can assist your organization with implementing these measures and prepare for 'pay for performance'.  Does your community need assistance with a particular measure?  Call on Empowered Elders as your partner to improve the quality of care in your facility.
Regulatory Review -
Maintaining regulatory compliance can seem like spinning plates - as you spin one plate, another is falling.  Empowered Elders can assist your long-term care community in developing and maintaining processes that ensure regulatory compliance.  We can provide preparatory 'Mock Surveys', citation Plans of Correction or assistance during Department of Health state or CMS surveys. 

Empowered Elders can provide satisfaction surveys for Elders, care partners and family members including interpretive results and plans for customer service improvement.
Reimbursement / Billing Assistance -

Billing and claims submission, capturing charges and reducing days outstanding can seem complicated and difficult. Empowered Elders can simplify this daunting task and provide training, billing assistance and financial improvement plans for your team.  RUG Rate and CMI score questions and concerns? Our professionals can help get the job done and improve results. 
Departmental Review / Improvement -
Our associates have extensive experience in all aspects and departments within long-term care.  Empowered Elders can perform a comprehensive departmental review and provide plans for efficiency and customer service improvement.
Marketing Plans / Referral Process Assessment -
The first few hours or days of an Elder's stay, is imperative to establishing a relationship that demonstrates capability and compassion.     Count on us to assess your community's referral and welcoming process.   Empowered Elders can provide orientation and training to your Welcome Liaisons (Admission staff) that develops loyal customers and increases census.

Our professionals can also develop personalized, strategic marketing plans for your community!
Environmental Health and Safety Review / Programs -
CMS has identified the importance of an emergency response program.  Empowered Elders can provide your community with policies and procedures that address these areas of concern. 

Do you have concerns over your Safety Committee's effectiveness or a high experience of employee injuries?  Empowered Elders can  perform health and safety reviews of your community and provide a detailed plan to improve safety conditions. 

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