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Eden Guide /
Eden Alternative Registry Status  
Are you searching for a way to distinguish yourself from other senior care communities?  Do you want to pursue culture change and a human habitat?  Empowered Elders is a partner of the Eden Alternative and can guide your organization on the path to culture change and person-directed care.  Empowered Elders also has Certifed Eden Educators that can assist your community in achieving and maintaining Eden Alternative registry status. 
"FROST" Busting -

Is your community experiencing a "frost"  (a period of low care partner morale and Elder satisfaction)?   Empowered Elders can assess your community and develop measures to improve morale and customer satisfaction and eliminate the "frost".    
Dementia Activities Programming -
Are your Elders with dementia not engaged?  Are there increasing occurrences of unusual incidents in your dementia care neighborhood?  A highly performing Life Enrichment department can truly be an asset to nursing care partners, allowing them to focus more toward Elder-centered care.  Empowered Elders can assist your Life Enrichment Care Partners with developing engaging and meaningful activities.  
Peer Mentor Program
Retaining and training quality Care Partners is a neccesity for any community.  Peer Mentor programs have proven to be effective in reducing turnover, establishing relationships among staff and improving quality of life for the Elders in long term care communities.  Empowered Elders can assist your community with developing it's own Care Partner empowering Peer Mentor Program.   
Relationship Building Ideas and Exercises -

Our associates can assist your organization in developing relationships through innovative,  effective, and fun team-building exercises.   A human habitat community nurtures such relationships, where the institutional model of care discourages it.   Empowered Elders can assist your organization with measures to increase relationship building. 

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