Empowered Elders can tailor any presentation or workshop to your desired audience and time constraints.  We can develop training programs to fit your needs.  Below is a sample of some of our interactive, educational and entertaining programs.  Call us today!
Life Enrichment for Elders with Dementia
Empowered Elders can provide training for Life Enrichement (Activity) and Nursing Care Partners on meaningful activities for Elders with dementia.  The workshop provides lessons on activities that increase the well-being of elders with various levels of cognitive impairment.  Turn to us for practical ideas and programming that improves the quality of life of the elder.

How to Create a Safe, Smart, Happy and Fun Community 

Empowered Elders can educate your team on how to be transformational leaders and create a Safe, Smart, Happy and Fun community for Elders and Care-Partners alike.  In search of measures to create an atmosphere that encourages safety, bit not safety surplus, having fun and being spontaneous, building relationships and working smarter, not harder.  Looking for a different program for your leadership team that encourages thinking outside the box and looking at things a new way?  This program is for YOU!!  This program can be tailored to meet your time allowance and audience.
'Empowered' Customer Service
Learn how to provide exemplary customer service, even to the most discerning customer, the 'Empowered' way!  Close-to-the Elder care Partners and leaders alike can benefit from this workshop.  Customer service is a philosophy that needs nurtured; let Empowered Elders help cultivate proactive, value-added,quality customer service for your community.
Empowered Elders provides training on Federal and State regulatory requirements for licensed and non-licensed care-partners.  Our associates present the information in an easy-to-understand and entertaining fashion.  Training on regulations doesn't have to boring, call Empowered Elders!  The program can be fully tailored to your time and audience needs. 
Learn a New Language
Words are POWER! How does your staff talk to one another or the elders?  Does your community need to revamp its language?  Do you or others use the F-Word? ... FACILITY??... Our associates can educate your care-partners of a new culture infused language and the importance of body language.  We also educate care-partners on how to properly communicate with elders with dementia.

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